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Easy exit from your comfort zone

Always hearing and reading about getting out of your comfort zone?  Yeah, me to, for years I have been hearing about this important thing that has to be done.  I admit, over time I have come to realize that it is important to do in a number of ways.  Seems  important if you really want to develop as a person.

I think that I have probably thought of the most easy way to do this.  At the very least, its a first step towards getting out of your comfort zone that most of us will understand.  I think we have all had experience of a situation where communications have not been what they should be.  There can be many reasons as to why communications can be bad.  For the sake of this blog post I have just selected 2 examples.
Two things happen with companies and individuals where I see communication flow stop, or the dynamics of good team work slowing down.  The first one is where a company has a restructure.  I always believe that in any team when there is 1 new person, the whole team is n…

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